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is there an easy way to automatically insert closing quote in a custom language. I tried to implement a PairedBraceMatcher, which works fine for '{}' and '[]'. However using the same technique with quotes  doesn't work. The pairs of quotes are recognized and highlighted but not completed. I also tried to register a QuoteHandler without success. I also wondered because in Settings->Editor->Smart Keys "Insert Pair Quote" is selected what made me think it should work out of the box.
It is not a huge problem but I would be thankful for help to get rid of it.

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Indeed the QuoteHandler EP is what is responsible for this behavior, and it is controlled by the "Insert Pair Quote" setting. So, you just need to write one.

A simple one can be made by subclassing

And supplying the the same token type you give to your parser definiton for string tokens. Its a crude solution but works for simple quote characters


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