StructureView doesn't "Collapse All"


I have implemented a basic StructureView for the Mathematica Plugin which works fine. One problem bugs me, I cannot collapse all nodes by clicking on the button in the top right corner of the Structure pane. Expand all works. When I click the small triangles manually, I can close all nodes. Is there anything I could have done wrong?

Screenshot from 2014-06-25 03:15:46.png

(I have no idea why my images are not shown. In the edit view I can see them)

On a similar topic: I'm using IDEA Community 135.909 for development and I have attached the git repository sources where I checked out the tag idea/135.909. I don't know why, but when I attach the sources to my IDEA SDK, the folder idea/platform/structure-view-api/src is not automatically detected and I had to add it manually when I want to see code during navigation. Why is that?


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Patrick Scheibe
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As it turned out I had to implement the interface com.intellij.ide.structureView.StructureViewModel.ExpandInfoProvider.
Can someone comment what effects the two methods will have?

boolean isAutoExpand(@NotNull StructureViewTreeElement element);

I guess this is called for each element and when it returns true, the node is opened per default.

boolean isSmartExpand();

What exactly does this mean?


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