When are multiple carets not supported?

I'm working on a plug-in that modifies rectangular selections of text.  When I try to do a block selection (alt-click and drag), editor.getSelectionModel().hasBlockSelection() always returns false and editor.getCaretModel().supportsMultipleCarets() always returns true.  Is there a way to force a single-caret model?  And is that a realistic scenario?


Actually, posting this question brought up other threads about multiple carats that I hadn't found from numerous searches.  It looks like the answer is: "13.1 replaces block selection with multiple carats; if you're not supporting older versions, you don't need to check for block selections."

Let me know if this is wrong.


You got it right - block selection mode, in an old sense, won't be supported anymore. hasBlockSelection() method in SelectionModel will be removed at some point.


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