[Ann] Refactor-J 2.0 and Refactor-X 2.0 released

Sixth and Red River Software is pleased to announce the release of Refactor-J 2.0 and Refactor-X 2.0, recommended Companion Products for IntelliJ IDEA.

Refactor-J 2.0 extends IntelliJ IDEA's Java restructuring capabilities, with twenty powerful automated refactorings and code assists.

Refactorings provided by Refactor-J 2.0 include:

Extract Class
Weaken Type
Pull Javadoc Up
Push Javadoc Down
Introduce Parameter Object (enhanced from Refactor-J 1.0)
Invert Boolean variable
Add Property
Remove Property
Introduce Type Parameter
Remove Type Parameter
Convert Constant Comparisons to Set.contains()
Make Class Inner
Remove Middleman
Split Loop
Merge Loop
Pull Annotation Down
Pull Annotation Up
Wrap Return Value (enhanced from Refactor-J 1.0)
Generate Array access methods
Generate Collection access methods

Refactor-X 2.0 enhances the XML editing capabilities of IntelliJ IDEA with 19 automated XML refactorings and code assists. The familiar IDEA power of automated Java refactorings is now available for XML.

Refactorings provided by Refactor-X 2.0 include:

Rename Tag
Rename Attribute
Delete Tag
Delete Attribute
Convert Attribute To Tag
Convert Tag To Attribute
Change Attribute Value
Add Attribute
Add Subtag
Wrap Tag
Wrap Tag Contents
Unwrap Tag
Convert Tag Contents to Attribute
Move Attribute In
Move Attribute Out
Merge Tags
Split Tag
Collapse Empty Tag (available as inspection)
Expand Empty Tag

Refactor-J 2.0 and Refactor-X 2.0 require IntelliJ IDEA 5.1 or greater. IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 is supported for both products.

Single user licenses to Refactor-J 2.0 ($49) and Refactor-X 2.0 ($39) may be purchased either directly from Sixth and Red River Software at www.sixthandredriver.com, or via JetBrains at http://companions.jetbrains.com.

Upgrade policy: In thanks to our existing customers, existing Refactor-J 1.0 and Refactor-X 1.0 licenses will continue to work with Refactor-J and Refactor-X 2.0. No upgrade is necessary.

For more information about Refactor-J, Refactor-X, or any of our other products, come visit us at www.sixthandredriver.com.

Refactor-J and Refactor-X are recommended companion products of IntelliJ IDEA.

Sixth and Red River Software
"Code with Grace and Verve"


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