Idea shows augmented methods as red.


I have "added" methods to my classes using PsiAugmentedProvider. Even though I have code completion for generated methods, it shows them as red when I have finished statement with semicolon.

I have had no problems with that previously, using both LightMethodBuilder and PsiElementFactory.createMethodFromText. For a new annotation only the constructor is not highlighed red.

This is the class that is augmented:

public class Prefs {

    private int myInt;
    private String myString;

Code that is using it is attached to show list with completion and red error.

I have tried to invalidate Idea's caches and changing my augmenting code in many ways. I also did some voodoo programming, but it didn't help either.

Any idea why it could show red there?


Screenshot from 2014-05-20 10:19:42.png
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I have figured out how to fix it in my case. Basically I was using PsiClass.getAllFields(), which I changed to getFields and now Idea is happy.

If anyone knows the reason, I would appreciate having it explained to me.


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