En/dis - able plugins on a proj by proj basis

Just noticed that my Idea 6043 was "building GWT indexes" for a minute or two during project load. The fun part is that it was plain vanilla server-side java project and it has nothing to do with GWT.
Here is my question: wouldn't it be nice for JB to provide a single place somewhere in project settings where all plugins can be enabled / disabled without uninstalling them. I always thought about those dormant plugins as mostly harmless (at least in terms of resource consumption) but apparently it's not always the case.
Some plugin authors do provide that function anyway, i.e. UML tool Teresa, but most do not. And it would be nice to have them all in a single place.
Are there any technical difficulties (in terms of plugin API) to instantiate project(module)-level plugin components really on project(module)-by-project(module) basis depending on their applicability to specific project(module)?

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