Inserting Closing Quote and Bracket


Whenever a " or < is entered the corresponding closing tokens " or > should be inserted automatically for my custom language. I was looking into QuoteHandler but can't seem to make it work. I registered a quote handler and when I was debugging none of its methods were getting called. Is there any way to handle generic token types.


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You can register an implementation of QuoteHandler, and you will find SimpleTokenSetQuoteHandler to be useful to extend.
Ensure you have registered it within your plugin.xml file with

     <quoteHandler fileType="LanguageFileType" className="YourCustomQuoteHandlerFQCN"/>

You can also provide a BraceMatcher implementation. Implement PairedBraceMatcher, and provide your BracePair objects via getPairs. This will automatically complete your braces for you.
This can be registered via plugin.xml with

     <lang.braceMatcher language="Language" implementationClass="YourBraceMatcherFQCN"/>

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Hi Alan,

Seems like the bracemather doesn't insert matching tokens, It just highlights the mathched pair. I have overridden isPairedBracesAllowedBeforeType to return true but still not inserts the macthing pair. Am I missing out something here?

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Sorry to resurrect a very old thread, however I too am having this issue and was wondering if a solution was eventually found?


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