How to install a plugin not in the available list

I just downloaded two plugins, Eclipse_Dependency_Sync_2122.jar and GenerateToString_2079.jar. Neither show up in the available list from inside 5.2. So how do I intall them? I copied the jars to HOME....plugin dir where I found a plugin I cic install from the aavailable list.


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Look in IDEA_HOME/bin/ for this entry:

  1. path to user installed plugins folder. Make sure you're using forward slashes


That's where you need to put the jar.

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Contrary to the previous post, i want to ask how to remove a plugin. I recently added GenerateToString plugin another one i forgot it's name, and after that Idea won't start. It stops at the splash screen, and when i tried to reinstall it (i use Idea 5.1.2) it shows the following error dialog:

"Could not save application settings : Cyclic Dependency :

and another message dialog :
"Plugin generate to string failed to initialize: Error extracting documentation from jarfile
Caused by: the system cannot find the file specified. Please remove the plugin and restart IntelliJ IDEA"

I don't understand why this happen because i previously uninstalled the program, why is it still searching for GenerateToString plugin? As it demands i'm trying to remove the plugin, but i don't know where since it's not supposed to be anywhere (it's a fresh new installation). Does anybody have an idea on what i should do or why this happens?

Thank you, any assistance will be greatly appreciated .


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oops nevermind that, i removed the jar files from the location brad wrote and now it's working again :) thanks brad.


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