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1)Stickies need to be stored per-project, not per-application. Ideally they should either be private (stored in the workspace file) or shared (stored in the project file). Otherwise they aren't any more valuable to me than OS-native stickies.

2)You don't need to specify storage locations. Look through the dev kit for examples using Configurable and JDOMExternalizable.

3)You need to be able to change the font, either on a per-sticky or default basis. I like my sticky note fonts smaller than my working fonts

4)They need to be collapsable, so that only the first line is showing. Animation of this would be nice but is not necessary

5)If you feel you must have a black border, make it precisely one pixel wide. Also, try it out in dark gray (a one-pixel wide dark gray border looks effectively half-a-pixel wide)

6)Rename stickies in place. That magic button that shows up is just wierd.

7)Menu items that open windows should have ... at the end

8)The close button needs to go in the corner, not just to the left of the corner. It should also be a bit smaller and lighter, so as to be less visually jarring.

9)For a truly bad-ass sticky integration, I'd like to see either code pointers in stickies, or some way of 'binding' stickies to given files (so that whenever the file is opened the sticky pops up).

and oh, yeah,

YOU MUST GET THE STANDARD INSTALL TO WORK!!!!! You are losing 90% of your potential audience before they ever look at the product.

I hope you take all these gripes as applause, rather than carping. I love this idea, and want to see it well executed.

--Dave Griffith

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Hi Dave,
great suggestion!. i am adding all of these in my todo list.
hopefully you could see all them with in few days.

one thought about sticky store location:
i have lost my stickies whenever my M$ crashed and without any backup i formatted my "C" drive. so everything lost as well as stickies... as i am hardcore sticky user. i personally feel it should have such option. so it can retrieve my previous version of stickies.

i have tested it is now on plugin repository. Do you mean anything more ?

best regards,

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i have lost my stickies whenever my M$ crashed and without any backup i formatted my "C" drive. so everything lost as well as stickies... as i am hardcore sticky user. i personally feel it should have such option. so it can retrieve my previous version of stickies.

Hmm, it's more important for me that I be able to have different sets of stickies for each project (on average, I've got about 15 projects I'm juggling). As an implementer, I know the easiest way to do that is to simply write them into the .ipr or .iws file for the project they are bound to, but how you actually implement the per-project binding doesn't concern me.

i have tested it is now on plugin repository. Do you mean anything more ?+

Nope, looks like it's working. You can check that one off the list.

--Dave Griffith

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Hi dave,
thank you again.
i am working for these features... hopefully you can see them with in few days


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I have to agree with Dave on these.

I store my projects on compactflash cards, so that I can work on them on different machines(laptop at work/road and my home PC, well, when at home).

Also, I think there needs to be a good old Minimize button right next to the Close button.

I really like the idea of being able to bind/pin a sticky to a file, and have it appear(either open or minimized, depending on its last state) when I edit the file and have it go away when I move to another file.

But, of course, I still want the option of having global/project stickies.

And, while you are at it, voice recogninition would be really cool...okay, maybe I am getting a bit greedy there. :)

Unless I missed it, I think you may need to have some sort of Sticky organizer/explorer, where you can see a list of all of your stickies and their status(bound, open, etc.). Truth be told, I could see this being its own menu and not buried in tools.

I have to say, I see this as being a real productivity booster. Sometimes, I get carried away with the TODOs, and having something like this to organize thoughts would be great.

It is innovative plugins like this that really help to keep IDEA as my preferred tool and even get me a bit giddy about real productivity improvements.

I am also grateful that this plugin and some of the other really useful plugins(History viewer for one) are compatible with IDEA 5.1.

Great stuff!

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nice comment, i am working on new features. as i am working alone.. and working after my office works.. you can't get all of the features over a night.. you have to wait a bit... and I am apologized :D


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No problem. I already appreciate the work you have done. I can wait abit for the next the update. :)

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just released new version.
Tried to implement all of your recommanded features:
please have a look on the features section


for your information:
1. project specific sticky
2. global sticky
3. file linked sticky
4. sticky retransmit to the sender using Ctrl+R

hope you will enjoy....

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Sorry for not posting feed back sooner.

I really couldn't find the project or global stickies...all of my stickies seemed to be linked, whether I opened them from the Tools menu or the right click context menu. Let me know if I am missing something.

Briefly, here are a few things:

- Stickies stay on top when switching out of IDEA to something else(using Win XP).
- Clicking on a Sticky's title changes the title to a text box, but changing focus to something else does not revert the Sticky title to the non-text box mode.
- Typing seems very slow in the sticky.
- There also seems to be some issue when using the Load Project Stickies. I can get duplciate stickies, and I can't minimize them. But if I delete them, the entries stay in the Minimized Stickies(this goes away if I restart IDEA), though the stickies themselves seem to really be gone..

- Would like an option to have linked stickies(thoses linked to a file) automatically come up when I bring up the file and/or automatically go away when I leave the file(close, open a different file, click on another file tab)
- Would also like a global/project sticky(I could not find them).

- And to end on a positive not, things I like:
The Minimized Stickies popup is a very good idea.
Like that you have both an open/close button and a minimize button. Still getting use to it(always clicking the wrong button, but that is strictly a pebcak on my part), but it is very nice feature.

I really see this plugin being very useful.


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