[ANN] Tasks v1.2, for IntellijIDEA 5.1.2 and 6.0


I have done some small improvements to Tasks plugin based on the suggestions I got during last week. Here is a change list:

Version 1.2 changes
- Scroll bars appear if content of Tasks's tree can't fit tool window
- Task(s) can be highlighted, i.e. small star appears right in front of it(them)
- Estimation time for a task can be set up to 150h (9000minutes)
- When tasks a grouped by priority important group comes first
- "Not sure" priority changed to "Low", "Important" changed to "High", added icon for low priority task
- When you group by priority tree is expended by default
- UI cleanup, some borders removed, spaces added

Rest of things like sub-tasks, todo integration, actual time will come in the next version.

Screenshots are not in sync with the latest version, but I will change them soon.


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