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The problem we are having with our plugin and custom plugin repository is that IntelliJ suggests a plugin update even though no new version is available. On startup of IntelliJ it checks for updates and then we see "PluginName version 1.3 -> PluginName version 1.3". Clicking the "Update" button does not do anything which is strange. But first of all I would not expect to see our plugin in that list if there is no new version available.

Our custom plugin is currently at version 1.3 and we host an updatePlugins.xml file which is NOT according to the DTD at this page:

But our updatePlugins.xml follows the XML that you get when requesting the plugin list using the pluginManager url:

We have set the 'date' attribute on the <idea-plugin> tag and we provide a <version> tag with a value of 1.3...

In the plugin.xml file of our plugin we have the same version as in the updatePlugins.xml . (No date set anywhere)

Any suggestions for fixing/debugging this?

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Hi Ingmar,

please try to debug from here: com.intellij.openapi.updateSettings.impl.UpdateChecker#checkPluginsHost(). Your version should be equal to the version on server.



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