[ANN] Wicket Assistent


I would just like to announce that I have started a wicket plugin for
Intellij Idea and have uploadet to the plugin repository some minutes
ago and its now available for use and download.

Wicket Assistent


- Create warnings when there is a missing wicket id in the corresponding java/html file - DONE

- Maybe use a compiled version of the ie webpage to check the hierarichy
- ctrl+b on a wicket id should jump to the corresponding id in the java/html file
- create missing html file intention
- create missing ids in the html file. How and where ?
- create live template for easy creation of ie labels etc
- create file templates for html files, java webpages, java panels etc.
- rename/move rafactoring on the java/html/property file renames/moves the others
- rename refactoring of the wicket id in both the html and java file

Known bugs:
- If the wicket id is in a string variable the check does not work

Best regards,


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