[Ann] BeanShell Box 0.2

Hi there,

I've just uploaded a new version of my "BeanShell Box" plugin (contest). As a reminder, this plugin integrates support for the BeanShell language directly in IJ. As BeanShell is a Java compatible language, this allows use to test snippets of code without having to compile anything.

Now with this version you can send code from your project to the BeanShell box directly, and you also may import classes from your project classpath.

Comments and ideas are welcome ;)

BTW, although I can see the plugin online in the plugins listing (both contest and regular tree), it does not seem to be available from the plugin manager. Is there anything I'm missing ?+

Ok got it : since I installed the plugin by hand, it conflicted with the plugin annoucement.


Changelog :

0.1 to 0.2 :
- Added ability to send code to BeanShell left-clicking on your selection.
- Added project classpath import : BeanShell shares the same classpath as your project. Thus you may import classes from your project as well as your own compiled classes.

Download it here[/url]

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