ClearCase & IntelliJ

Hi, I've installed the Clearcase Plugin (from and from intellij 5.1 i can check-in/out etc - all good. but if i check out a file, change it and then want to compare it against whats in clearcase theres a problem. Note: I click "Mark Project as Current" regularly also.

In the Project View - If i right-click the file and do "Clearcase"->"Compare with previous version" it opens the clearcase diff tool!. I want it to open the IntelliJ diff tool instead (as it's visually easier to work with i think), is there something i'm doing wrong? some setting i'm forgetting?

any help appreciated, thanks, Ronan.

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The only way i know of comparing the current file with an older revision with IntelliJ is by doing "Checkin project" and then selecting the file you want and hit the "compare" button.



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