Jalopy plugin not loading/saving configuration in IDEA 5.0

When we try to load or save a configuration for the Jalopy (free) plugin, we get the following exception. This seems strange, as this has always worked for us in the past (and indeed, in previous beta version of 5.0), and jdom is in the IDEA lib dir).

Personlly, I'm using the full version of the Jalopy plugin, which works fine, but the rest of my company is stuck with the free version. This will be a major hurdle in us upgrading to IDEA 5.0.

Any ideas?


did any one found solution to this issue ? I am not able to import jalopy setting to Intelli J

IntelliJ is 5.1 and Jalopy-Intellij plugin is 1.5dev


Found the solution finaly!! sharing with anyone interested.

IntelliJ-Idea plugin uses old version of Jalopy. Replace it with jalopy-1.5rc.jar from the jalopy-intelliJ directory with the new jar file.
It works like charm.


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