Bizarre problem with TestNGGenerator


I have a very bizarre problem with the TestNGGenerator plugin. I am sure that some of you might not believe its true, but I can reproduce it. I swear!

I am running IDEA on Windows XP.

This happens when I install the TestNGGenerator plugin and restart IDEA (both 5 and EAP). From the moment IDEA is started, my system clock starts to run faster. This happens no matter whether I actually use the plugin or not. After deinstalling the plugin and resyncing the system clock it behaves normally. I tried installing and uninstalling all plugins and I could track it down exactly to this plugin. Right now, about ten minutes after installing the plugin again, my system clock is about two minutes off.

Before, I had no idea that it it possible to tamper the system clock from java. Does anyone here has a thought about this?


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