Php Type Providers

I'm trying to create completions (and references) for a PHP library that relies heavily on magic methods (__call()) to achieve its API.

A typical call from within ClassC would look like this:


Using a type provider I've managed to get the methods from ClassA to appear when typing $this-> (and the references work also, as expected).

The problem I'm facing is this: ClassA exists within the PHP codebase, but ClassB is effectively a "stub" class with a series of methods on it that lives inside my plugin.

I figured this would work out since the PHP standard library exists within the JetBrains PHP plugin as a series of stub PHP files.

However, this approach works fine if ClassB exists within the PHP project, but I can't get it to work if the PHP class exists within my plugin.

Using PhpPsiElementFactory.createPsiFileFromText() after reading the PHP file from the JAR, I'm creating a PSI file and then getting the PSI class from that - in the debugger I can see that it's a proper instance of the class with all the correct methods etc, however, when I add this to the list of classes in my type provider's getBySignature() method, it doesn't appear in the completion list and references don't work.

Is this a limitation of the Type Providers as they currently stand? Am I approaching this in the wrong way? Can you suggest how I might resolve this issue?

Many thanks,

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Please file this all as an issue at and we'll continue there.
You'll need to create IndexableSetContributor and we'll need to provide you with an extension point to extend our default Scope.

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Thanks, that's helpful - have added new issue in YT as requested.



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