find the current class

i have an action which extends AnAction class, i want to find the current class in action performed.
I tried
final PsiElement element =e.getData(DataKeys.PSI_ELEMENT); and also
final PsiElement element =(PsiElement)dataContext.getData(DataConstants.PSI_ELEMENT);
both of these gives null. How can i find the current class

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Jetbrains have a lot of useful articles on their confluence page that are worth looking at, for instance here are a few ways to achieve what you're after -

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For your code to work, the focus (or Cursor) has to be in the Editor. If not, you would get NULL.

Following code will give you the class name :

PsiFile psiFile = e.getData(DataKeys.PSI_FILE); System.out.println("psiFile.getName() = " + psiFile.getName());

Or if you want the actual path to the file, then use the following code :

PsiFile psiFile = e.getData(DataKeys.PSI_FILE); System.out.println("psiFile.getVirtualFile().getCanonicalPath() = " + psiFile.getVirtualFile().getCanonicalPath());

You can also get the Virtual File directly by :

VirtualFile virtualFile = e.getData(DataKeys.VIRTUAL_FILE);


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