How to add statements to a PsiMethod object?

Hi, I'm trying to create a method object using a PsiElementFactory.
I've been able to create the method, and add parameters and modifiers but I can't find a way to add PsiExpression statements.

Here's the code thus far:

    PsiMethod exportMethod(GUID id) {                //create method object         PsiType type = factory.createTypeFromText(store.getName(getInstance(id,'TypeElement')),null);         PsiMethod m = factory.createMethod(store.getName(id),type);         //assign modifiers         m.getModifierList().setModifierProperty('private', false);         Object modifier = getInstance(id,'ModifierList');         if(modifier!=null) {String text = store.getName(modifier);             String[] modifiers = text.split(' ');             for (String mod : modifiers) m.getModifierList().setModifierProperty(mod, true); //I add the modifiers through setModifierProperty()         }         //set the parameterList for the method         PsiParameterList parameters = exportParameters(id);         m.getParameterList().replace(parameters); //I add the parameters using replace()         //add statements to the method (in progress)         PsiCodeBlock block = m.getBody();         PsiStatement[] blockExpressions = block.getStatements();         PsiStatement[] expressions = exportStatements(id);         return m;     }

The problem I'm finding is that
a) There is no setExpressions() method.
b) I can't replace() a PsiStatement[] object.
c) While I can replace() the PsiCodeBlock, I can't assign expressions to a newly created one either.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance.

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But the code block in Java consists of statements, not expressions.

For adding a set of statements you may use body.addRangeAfter() method (body.getStatements() should be empty - so replace() not needed).


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