Incorrect saving of component data in the Default Project's settings xml

Hi guys,

I'm an author of FileTemplateVariable plugin and I faced with issue which is annoying for users (
From code point of view it seems that everything should works but....
During saving of data of my plugins to project.default.xml xml structure of my data is corrupted.

In normal way (for normal project) everything saved ok (but uses dir format)

<component name="ProjectTemplateVariables">
      <variable name="TEST">test</variable>

But in the project.default.xml it saves in such format:

<component name="ProjectTemplateVariables">
     <variable name="TEST">test</variable>


In the code of my manager which load configuration ( getState() always return root element templateVariables tag.

Should I specify and implement Split for @Storage(file = StoragePathMacros.PROJECT_FILE)?


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