Get last focused project window


I have developed a small plugin, Go To Project,

This plugin just shows a speed search enabled popup of the ProjectWindowActions available.

Now I would like that the first selected project window is the one that was focused before the currently focused, to be consistent with Recent Files-dialog, but can't see how to get that information. On ProjectWindowAction there is a previous and next field, but the ordering is the openining order for the projects. And I can't find any listener to register to be notified when a project gets focus, because then I could just store that information, and use it for setting the order in the popup.

So how can this be archieved?

Best regards,
Erik Zielke

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You could try to add a java.awt.event.WindowFocusListener to the projects JFrame. Here's how to get the JFrame:
You will probably want to implement a com.intellij.openapi.components.ProjectComponent for your plugin and add the listener in projectOpened(). Be sure to remove the listener again in projectClosed() or you will create a memory leak.



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