Using ModifiableRootModel.addLibraryEntry still doesn't set the library dependency correctly

I appologize if its wrong to open a separate issue but I marked the previous one as answered:

Turns out it was too soon, even though I added this call the behavior is exactly the same as if the dependency is undefined. This is what I'm doing:
    void createProjectFolders(VirtualFile rootPath) throws IOException {
        final VirtualFile libImplClasses = ProjectPaths.findOrCreateChildDirectory(rootPath, "lib/impl/cls");
        final VirtualFile libImplStubs = ProjectPaths.findOrCreateChildDirectory(rootPath, "lib/impl/stubs");
        new WriteAction<Library>() {
            protected void run(final Result<Library> result) throws IOException {
                final LibraryTable libraryTable = LibraryTablesRegistrar.getInstance().getLibraryTable(getProject());
                String libName = "";
                Library library = libraryTable.getLibraryByName(MessageBundle.message(libName));
                if (library == null) {
                    library = libraryTable.createLibrary(libName);
                    final Library.ModifiableModel model = library.getModifiableModel();
                    model.addRoot(libImplClasses, OrderRootType.CLASSES);
                    model.addRoot(libImplStubs, OrderRootType.SOURCES);
                     ModifiableRootModel rmodel =  com.intellij.openapi.roots.ModuleRootManager.getInstance(getModule()).getModifiableModel();


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When 'createProjectFolders' method is called? If it's called from an implementation of ModuleBuilder#setupRootModel method (or similar method taking
ModifiableRootModel as a parameter) you need to use the provided ModifiableRootModel instance instead of calling ModuleRootManager#getModifiableModel
otherwise your changes will be overwritten when the original ModifiableRootModel is committed. Also you don't need to commit the provided model
instance yourself.

Nikolay Chashnikov
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Thanks again! That finally did it!


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