[ANN] - Generate toString() v3.24 released


I just released it and uploaded to the plugin manager.
Sorry for taking some time to fix it. I haven't been caught up with IDEA for a while since I had a computer crash.

Beware that there is a bug in the latest IDEA build that throws a strange Exception after you have downloaded the updated plugin and restarted IDEA.

v3.24 for IDEA 5.1x (june-21-2006)
- Compiled with jdk-1.5.0_06 using IDEA EAP #5321
- Fixed plugin documentation extraction to work with latest EAP.
Will just continue if the extraction fails, to let it work in future works if IDEA changes again.
- Default concat templates with adding super.toString() at the end

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Actually, I can't get it to work in 5.1.2. It gives me an error on startup as you described. What's the secret to making it work?

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I'm working on a version that supports both 5.1x and 6.x (EAP) version of IDEA.
I got it working on 5.1.2 right now, and I'm downloading the new EAP to see if it works there too.


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Okay v3.25 released that works in both versions.


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