Plugin with (UML) Diagrams dialog as a base

Hi guys!

I am an experienced java programmer but a newbie in InteliJ platform plugin programing. I want to start a development of my very own plugin. The idea is to have a little bit more sophisticated tools for real-time class creation in the Diagrams dialog. The dialog is already there so I would like to reuse it and add my own code (additional view and some creational dialogs).

I have already seen this video and cloned the idea comunity project. Please would anybody know, where to find the UML Diagrams dialog in the code (to extend it)? Or how to add a functionality to it directly by plugin? I am a bit confused with the sources and I would appreciate any help.

Thank you very much.


The UML functionality in IntelliJ IDEA is based on a commercial component and is not included in the Community Edition.


Is there an OpenAPI for the Ultimate graphing components? I know the API is supposed to be pretty similar to the yFiles one, are there any examples?


2. Look at openapi.jar/com/intellij/openapi/graph/* these are APIs to work with yFiles. You can find some examples in the Plugin repo. However, in IJ Ultimate we use our own diagramming framework based on Graph Openapi. Unfortunatelly, we don't have any Quick Start or documentation at the moment. Only Java docs.

If you want, you can try out our framework. It's much simpler than yFiles. I've made a simple demo project for that


Thanks Konstantin, I just saw your blog post. This looks great, thanks!


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