[ANN] TestNG-J 0.3.4 - Another build, another reason not to use JUnit

Just pushed out TestNG-J 0.3.4 with the following changes:

  • Now picking up the language level again properly so that 1.4/javadoc classes are tested

  • Before when "package.. in project" was used the source/output directories of the last selected module was used - now ALL module source/output directories are included/scanned.

  • Initial support for converting JUnit 4 annotated tests to TestNG annotated tests (see below)

With the new JUnit4 conversion - @Test, @Before, @BeforeClass, @After, and @AfterClass annotations are being converted to the respective TestNG annotations.

One thing thats NOT currently done in these conversions is the removal of the suite() method from test classes, should I? Currently leaving the suite() method in place causes IDEA to treat the class as a JUnit test when right-clicking the file and selecting run/debug test.

Should the inspections/intentions convert the suite() method into a new TestNG XML file suite? And if so - what should be name it, and where? Use the classes name and create it inside the source path? i.e. CalendarTests.java would introduce CalendarTests.xml? Personally I'm not sure I like that idea....

Would be good to get your thoughts...


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