[ANN] SyncEdit Plugin Version 1.1.0

Available via the plugin manager.

Thanks to all who have given good feedback so far, I hope you enjoy the
features. Any further feedback, suggestions for improvements or details
of problems found will be much appreciated!



1.1.0 - Features added:
Tab/Ctrl+Tab now cycles back/forth through SyncEditable words within the
selected SyncEdit range.
SyncEdit active range highlight colour is now customizable through the
Plugins tab of the Colors & Fonts settings.

Bugs fixed:
Fixed Bug which would garble text when a SyncEditing word was typed over.
Improved detection of words to modify - typing at the end of a sub-word
in a larger word would modify the next sub-word, not the previous sub-word.
Improved Home/End behaviour to match Inplace Rename.

1.0.1 - Rebuilt for Irida
1.0.0 - Initial Version.

Known Bugs

  • If the whole file is selected, SyncEdit can get very confused if

optimization or auto-insertion of imports occurs. I do not currently
know of any way to detect that an edit is due to one of these
operations, please let me know if you can help.


Similar to 'SyncEdit' functionality already in Borland Delphi, and soon
to be in Eclipse... This plugin allows you to do an inplace synchronized
edit of all instances of a string within a defined range.

A "SyncEdit Mode" menu item is added to the Search and Editor Popup
menus. Simply select a range to be edited, enter "SyncEdit Mode" and all
words in the marked range become 'live' - any changes to an instance of
a word changes all matching strings in real-time.

When in SyncEdit mode, pressing TAB/Ctrl+TAB will take you forward to
the next/previous SyncEditable word found, respectively.

The decision about the word to SyncEdit is determined by a 'Select Word'
type operation at the current cursor location (respecting any CamelHump
settings) when a modification is made. However, you can SyncEdit a
custom region of text by first selecting it and then invoking the
SyncEdit action again, or even just start typing to replace the
substring completely.

There is also a "Paste with SyncEdit" action added to the Edit Menu -
this will execute a paste and automatically enter SyncEdit Mode for the
range of the pasted text, great for tweaking pasted code fragments for
the context they are used in.

The mode can be exited by pressing either escape or enter - once to exit
SyncEdit on a word, and once again to stop SyncEditing a range. The
colours used by the SyncEdit plugin can be customised on the Plugins tab
of the editor Colors & Fonts settings.

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