How to handle files being in SDK path and project path at the same time?


Currently in the golang plugin we have one big issue that's a bit of a show-stopper for us to release a new version.

Due to the way golang is working with directories and recommendation on project structure, a very common case to have the project structured is to have a single entry in the GOPATH and then create new applications / libraries in that folder.

Unfortunately, third party packages will always be downloaded in the first directory of the GOPATH, and in the mentioned case when GOPATH is composed of only one entry, then editting a file from the project will not trigger various autocompletion options. Also, if for example the same file will be oppened from the project path as well as from the SDK path then the changes will not be visible in one or the other tabs.

You can check some details here: and in next comment as well.

The question is: how can IDEA can / should handle this case, when the project is created in the same path as a SDK path?
Or is it something that the plugin does wrong (maybe some extra caching)?

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards,

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It also seems to cause the following errors:
The strange thing is that the exception don't happen when running in slave mode but only in standalone mode.
When running in slave mode everything is working properly, when not then... not.



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