IdeaSpring 1.1.2?

I am using Spring and I have installed this plugin but I can't see how this plugin helps me?
I see that I can see all the beans I have configured but is that all?



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+ "Add bean to context" in Generate menu (translate java into xml)
+ Introduce named bean (convert anonymous bean to named one)
+ Inline bean (convert refs to anonymous beans)
+ Completion in attributes (local, bean, parent, depends-on, ...)
+ Added error messages tab (handling dtd conformance errors)
+ ctrl+b for ref and alias tags
+ ctrlatlb for ref, property, lookup, replaced-method, alias tags and factory-bean and factory-method attributes
+ AutoScroll from source
+ SpeedSearch for the browser (when the browser has the focus type few letters to find a bean)
+ Added contextual menu 'Goto Bean Reference' when you right-click on a ]]> entry
+ Added contextual menu 'Goto Class' when you right-click on a bean


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