supply a special formulation for cervical and lumbar syndromes, herb medica

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how are you? this is spring from china.we are one of the most active and professional chinese supplier in the fields of health product.

neck&waist pain killer (a special formulation for cervical and lumbar syndromes)

registered at the U.S. FDA. Acuplan Insurance Group has evaluated this product and approved it for sales and distribution in the American medical insurance system.based on the theory of traditional chinese medical and health science,effective to enhance the functioning of kidneys and accelerate the blood circulation,and is designed and developed for treatment of the following deseases:hyperosteogeny,osteoporosis,amyotrophia,effort syndrome,neural pains,arthritis,paralysis of advanced stage,and encephalanalosis.

Main Ingredients?
Polygoni multiflori root, Herbal cistanchis, Herbal epimedii, Morindae officinalis root, Semen cuscutae, Acantho panacis senticosi root, Rhizoma curculiginis, Salviae miltiorrhizae root, Cartex eucommiae, etc.

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