Find usages not calling getWordsScanner

Hi. I have defined my find usages thing:

   <lang.findUsagesProvider language="ANTLRv4"

and have:

public class ANTLRv4FindUsagesProvider implements FindUsagesProvider {
 public WordsScanner getWordsScanner() { ... }

but getWordsScanner() is never called (IDEA CE 12).  canFindUsagesFor(), getNodeText(), and getDescriptiveName() are called but idea indicates "no usages found". I traced the code and it definitely finds an appropriate usage. my source / idea .class files are out of sync. rebuilding idea-ce so i can keep tracing...

Any ideas?

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Problem solved. getName() for a rule definition was return text of entire rule not rule name. ooops.  found by trying rename, which shows getName() in dialog.


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