[ANN] LogFilter 1.0.1


This is plugin for coloring lines in standard IDEA consoles by Regular Expresion matching. In this version addeded suport for moving matched lines also into different Tabs.

Plugin is available from Plugin Manager since build 5181.

Description for coloring:
You may select color for filter manualy of leave it in automaticaly mode. Automaticaly mode is pick up color sequentenaly as detect changes in regular expression matching group.

Description of tabing:
Like coloring you may move lines from console to ToolWindow "Logs" (separate tab). You can also use automatical and manual tab titling. If you assign title for filter tab manualy, then lines will colored also, if you use automatical mode of titling, then color marker will placed in tab icon.

Enjoy! :)

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Additional Note:

Plugin will disabled by default, check project level settings icon "Log Filters". If it grey, then check option "Enable filtering" in Log Filters settings.



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