Executing actionPerformed from a non-menu context

While working on my plugin gitflow4idea I ran into the following issue:

I'm trying to run the git merge tool for conflicted files whenever a feature/release branch is finished.

For that I need to run the actionPerformed method of GitResolveConflictsAction, which extends git4idea.actions.GitAction .
The problem is that the signature of actionPerformed  has the argument of @NotNull AnActionEvent event

Since I'm not calling this method from a menu context, but rather after parsing the git flow command line output , I don't have any AnActionEvent event.

I tried constructing a dummy event:

AnActionEvent e =  new AnActionEvent(null, DataManager.getInstance().getDataContext(), ActionPlaces.UNKNOWN, new Presentation(), null, 0);

but it fails with:

Access is allowed from event dispatch thread only.
           Details: Current thread: Thread[ApplicationImpl pooled thread 45,4,Idea Thread Group] 258089001
           Our dispatch thread:Thread[AWT-EventQueue-1 13.0#IC-132.947, eap:true,6,Idea Thread Group] 569230622
           SystemEventQueueThread: Thread[AWT-EventQueue-1 13.0#IC-132.947, eap:true,6,Idea Thread Group] 569230622

Is there a way to get around this, or a better way to invoke actionPerformed method? (The method doesn't use the AnActionEvent argument at all)


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This is the correct way to invoke actionPerformed(), but you do have to invoke it from the event dispatch thread.

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Great, thanks! :)


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