Let me join you in your congratulations to Alexey. It was really hard
and heroical job. We are very strong editors but I really hope that
Alexey's willing to write not one but several articles about plugin
development was not killed by this expirience.

Thank you, Alexey!

And, BTW, any volunteers to participate in writing articles about
plugins development and IDEA in general will be extremely welcome. Just
contact me to discuss how to organize that.

etienne wrote:

Hi Alexey

Congratulations to a great introductory article on how to get started with writing plugins. I enjoyed reading it a lot and the way you point out how IDEA supports the plugin developers with components, quick fixes, UI designer, etc. is very valuable!

Have a great day.




Thanks a lot! I hope, it will usefull for startup in plugin development! :)

Sure, i try to get a time to write more articles. BTW, Alex, maybe you will launch a Pool for topic of next article?


Hi Alexey, this article is very useful, and I have translated this document to Chinese version. I think it may be very useful for some people.

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Development.pdf

one addition: in section "localization" you're missing out the automatic message-key assignments for -elements (]]> is explained)


Sorry, can you explain me localization hints with groups tha i'm missed? I'm just wrote about action id, then you need to localize action.


you can group several elements in a group, i.e. submenu. the text/description for the can be localized using the "group.[groupId].XX" pattern exactly like you described for ]]>


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