tracking external library content changes

what is the suggested way of tracking external library content changes ?
I'm mostly interested in Maven dependencies as all of our projects use Apache Maven as a build tool.
My research suggests that 'rootsChanged' event is not propagated after an external library jar file has been rebuilt (using 'mvn clean install').
I am not receiving any file-specific events regarding the library's contents either (like 'beforeFileDeleted') - which is odd because the library in question has been scanned previously and its files are supposed to be 'watched' by IDEA (correct me if I'm wrong on this one)
And yes - I have synchronized my test project to intercept external changes and all file tree structure modifications have been reflected in 'External libraries' subtree of project structure in 'Project' content window.
Thanks in advance for any help,

UPDATE: I have to admit that 'rootsChanged' event is kind of a mystery to me and would be very grateful is someone could fill me in on its 'context'.

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I guess I found a solution - contentChanged on a library jar file gets propagated after the library has been rebuilt.


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