How Small Can You Make A New IDE From The Platform?

I have a favourite decompiler that only comes in a command line option.
I would like to make it a gui version like jd-gui.
This would require a panel that could display the contents of jar files and have an editor/file viewer that can link to methods/classes etc.
IDEA can do all this apart from the decompile part so I want to leverage all of Intellijs platform then link in the decompiler.
Obviously I could just make it as a plugin, however, I am interested to know how small I could make the application if those were the only features I needed?

Would the download still be huge and still require lots of memory or is it possible to create a relatively small application based on the Intellij platform?

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Are you saying you want to know if it will come anywhere close to 800k? I could take a guess at a minimum size, but I don't want to give an incorrect answer. However - what size are you looking for it to be realistically?

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The memory requirements will be up to you; the IntelliJ IDEA platform doesn't necessarily require much memory for itself. As for the download size, I'd guess you'll end up at around 20-30M.


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