[ANN] Struts Plugin V0.88beta (IDEA 5.1 EAP build #4121)

Upgrade to IDEA 5.1 EAP Build #4121

New Features:
- Autocompletion/navigation for "bundle" attribute (message resources)
- Check message resource key against defined/default bundle NOTE:Unfortunately this does not work for attributes for which IDEA already provides autocompletion (see http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/IDEA-6410), namely "altKey", "titleKey", "pageKey", "srcKey" for -taglib and "key" for "]]>"
- Support formbean property references containing EL-expressions (e.g. "propertyName$")
- Highlight interfaces, enums; abstract, non-public or classes without public default CTOR in attributes containing FQCN

- PropertyMissingGetterOrSetterInspection/ BooleanPropertyMissingResetInspection: do not inspect static fields
- Massive performance improvements for formbean references of DynaForms
- Various performance improvements


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