Tips on less Ugly popup buttons

Gday I am very new to Java and Swing UI, I got a dropdown working in the Haxe plugin for Idea and was looking for some tips on how to make buttons less "ugly" and more consistand with the other Idea popups.

I am using some JButtons on JPanel that is added using the JBPopupFactory.getInstance().createComponentPopupBuilder

Can someone point me to the code in the community version used for the "Edit Configurations" dropdown for Run/Debug Configurations in the main toolbar?

Maybe there is a style system documented somewhere for Jetbrains plugin development?
Any help, tips would be appreciated.

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Please see com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.ex.ComboBoxAction

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Awesome thanks Yann, I think however my approach with this plugin ui is wrong and instead I will use Idea's already well formated run configurations to override the target as a module can have multiple ones.


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