[ANN] Struts Plugin V0.87beta (IDEA 5.1 EAP build #4109)

Upgrade to IDEA 5.1 EAP Build #4109

New Features:
- QuickDocumentationLookup (CTRL+Q): reference to Action/FormBean/Tiles definition/DynaForm-property/Validator including preceding XmlComment and "" if available - Autocompletion/navigation for all attributes containing security-role(s) (]]> in web.xml)
- Validation Config: autocompletion/navigation for validation rule(s)
- PropertyMissingGetterOrSetterInspection: check existence of getter and setter for formbean properties
- Settings: display validator config files nodes in Configuration Files Overview tree
- Added productivity tips

- InvalidForwardReference: do not inspect "abstract" Action-classes
- Action-paths within non-default module


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