help!help!help!how to remotely connect to VSS?

hello all
our team urgently needs help,anybody knows how to remotely connect to VSS?
iv questioned someone.he just recommends me a tool named further info!
who knows it in detail?does it run well?
help me!!!!!!!!!!



I've never heard of SourceAnyWhere, but when I used SourceSafe remotely, my team used SourceOffSite from SourceGear (

SOS is not an IDEA plugin but a piece of "enableware". You must install the SOS server on a machine that is accessible to the internet and to which the SourceSafe repository is accessible. Then, each developer that requires remote access needs to install the SOS client on their box. The developer can use the SOS client to interact with the repository, or utilize the SCCAPI library to access it directly in their SCC-capable IDE. Note that IDEA does NOT have SCCAPI capability, nor do I know of any plugin to make that functionality available.



BTW, I'm in no way connected to SourceGear. Just found their product helpful once.


many thanx dear Eric
i'v visited the url you mentioned,really sos sounds a not bad solution.
thank u again
and i wish u a merry christams and a happy new year
see all ur dreams come true!


I've found SourceAnyWhere at


Does anyone know of a SourceAnyWhere plugin for IntelliJ? I have searched high and low and cannot locate one. This is surprising since SourceAnyWhere seems to be more popular and better than SourceOffSite.


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