How to get the Intellij IDEA logo on top left corner of a JFrame.

Am trying to create plugin, in which I am using a JFrame and a JFileChooser. For JFileChooser, Intellij IDEA logo is get displayed on the top let corner but for JFrame java symbol is getting displayed. How to change that to Intellij IDEA logo??

I can use the frame.setIconImage() method to set that, but I want to know is there there any specific way of doing that so that it will be same as the Intellij IDEA's logo (i.e for each version that corresponding logo to get displayed automatically) ....

Thanks in Advance..

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This should get you the icon.
The icons are located at {intellij_install_location}/lib/icons.jar
use relative paths to get them from there.

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Thanks Joonas Vali...  Its working as expected now.. :)


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