XsltPlugin: Problems with qualified names

As far as I know, it is legal to include a namespace prefix in
template (and param and variable) names as well as template modes
because according to the specs, these attributes must be QNames.

However, I get an error highlighting when doing something like

<xsl:template name="abc:test">

Is that a problem of the XSLT Plugin or IDEA?


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Jens Voß wrote:

Is that a problem of the XSLT Plugin or IDEA?

Yes, that was introduced with the latest version of the plugin which checks the validity
of declared identifiers. I'll fix the "Illegal name" highlighting for valid QNames, but
the internal support will be limited to names with identical prefixes. I'll put full
support for QNames (i.e. to resolve by namespace + local name) on my list, but it's
currently not a top-priority item. Sorry :(



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