[ANN] IntelliUML Teresa 2.1

Beto Software announces IntelliUML Teresa 2.1 release, an intelligent UML modelling tool focused on Java and tightly integrated with IntelliJ IDEA.

New features in version 2.1:

  • Go To Diagram: quickly navigate to diagram by name.

  • Select In Target: select the current class/field/method/diagram in Model Explorer view.

  • Sequence Diagram Filtering: filter method calls of user defined classes out of sequence generation.

  • Customizable Diagrams fonts and colors.

For more information about IntelliUML Teresa's features, please visit: http://www.intelliuml.com/.

You can download IntelliUML Teresa 2.1 at http://www.betosoftware.com/teresa/download.html or from IDEA Plugin Manager repository.

Get a free 30-day full featured evaluation license at http://www.betosoftware.com/teresa/license/.

IntelliUML Teresa 2.1 licenses are available for just:

  • $299 USD Business

  • $149 USD Personal

  • $49 USD Academic

at http://www.betosoftware.com/teresa/buy.html.

--The IntelliUML Teresa Team
Beto Software, S.L.

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