Dom Converter id reference rename

Hi there,

I am currently trying to provide Rename support for my bean/service references.

For instance this is my test data :

    <reference id="timeService" interface="foo.ITimeService" />

    <camelContext xmlns="">
            <from uri="direct:foo"/>

            <setHeader headerName="foo">
                <method ref="timeService<caret>" method="getTime" />

After calling the rename I would like for both the ref attribute and id attribute to be renamed.
However currently after invoking a rename, only the XmlTag is renamed

    <newName id="timeService" interface="foo.ITimeService" />

I am currently attempting to handle this rename within a Converter; However my handleElementRename isn't triggering...

I wonder if it is possible to resolve to to my Id attribute directly when performing renames etc, yet still provide access to the DomElement GenericAttributeValue<BlueprintBean>?


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Does reference@id have @NameValue annotation? It should work out-of-the box using plain Converter.

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Thanks for the reply Yann :)
Adding @NameValue not only allowed the target id to be renamed successfully, but it also caused the converter breakpoint to trigger too. Brilliant!


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