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Ok....I've done the PAYPAL thing, started in June...and still have

not seen a single dime in my paypal account...it's the beginning of

September now! I've looked far and wide on how to make some cash on

the internet and finally found one that looks good and have read so

many testimonials about how reliable they are!

The company is called Studio Traffic and basically, they pay you to

surf websites at 1% everyday
of what you put into it!! You can sign up for free at:


Now to start out StudioTraffic will give you a free $10 account

level to start with. Then, all you need to do is log into your

account, click on the Surf STV button, and watch. A new window will

open for you, and show you advertiser’s web sites, on a 20-second

timer (it's automatic too!). Once you have viewed your allocated

number of sites, you will be credited with 1% of your account

level. With a free account, that’s $0.10 a day!

It’s that easy.

You can also choose to upgrade your account to earn even more! So

what you earn for the month, you can compound into the next...your

account will grow as well as your daily earnings! Remember that


as you wish, for free. You can earn between $0.10 up to $150 a day,

depending on your account level, for about an hour of surfing. I

have signed under a sponsor who is currently at the $5000 level and

is pocketing $2,000 per month along with her referrals(At first I

thought she was exaggerating...but, was actually telling the

truth)!! It's amazing...a lot of good talk about this program It

does PAY!!!


I'm just trying to help out those who whould like to earn a

legitimate and steady income without the SCAM! Believe me, I've

been down that road...especially with the PAYPAL program!!

If any questions, just go to the site above and into the
forum area. There are plenty of members willing to supply you with

answers as well as their success stories


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