Different behaviour of reference cotributors

Hi all,

I have 2  interfaces in DOM model ,   reference contributors registered on attributes with @Referencing and one of them is working,
while other is not  ( classic issue ;) )

This one is working:

public interface Link_in extends DomElement {


      * Returns the value of the receiver child.
      * @return the value of the receiver child.
     GenericAttributeValue<String> getReceiver();

While This one does not:

public interface In_message extends DomElement {

     * event to fire on message deilevery.  shall be kind of in message event
     * @return the value of the bind_to child.
    GenericAttributeValue<String> getBind_to();

Both are found and processed via DOM-Model, and first sample provides link to second sample.   Apparently I'm overlooking something very simple.
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Problem solved:


GenericAttributeValue<String> getBind_to();

was not recognised  by DOM as xml attribute value named "bind_to".  Annotation helps:

    GenericAttributeValue<String> getBind_to();


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