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I have installed the Maven IDEA plug-in and the maven-spy-plugin 0.2.7 .
After selecting the project.xml and clicking the 'play button' I got the following error in the right panel of the plug-in window:

File: C:\Documents and Settings\...\.maven\cache\maven-spy-plugin-0.2.7\plugin.jelly
Element: bsh:script
Line: 16
Column: 17
In file: <Inline eval of: print("---");
Encountered ":" at line 7, column 17.

Before I got this error I had to copy bsh-2.0b2.jar to
C:\Documents and Settings\...\.maven\repository\bsh\jars
that is referenced in the spy-plug-in's project.xml
( another error appeared before )

Does anyone have an idea?

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yehh, I got it up and running now ...


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