PSI Reference and displaying error

Hi all,

When I used PSIReferencebase as class and returned nul from resolve,  editor displayed error marks, highlighted in red etc.
After reworking  my refeerence resolver to be subclass of PsiReferenceBase.Poly ( ResolveCache multi resolve forces this,
and I definitely having multiple resolution candidates )   it dows not display error marks anymore - despite returnung null
from resolve()

Code completion works, and I checked that isSoft() returns false

What I'm doing wrong now? ;)

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Took deep look into code and found:

   - if you return  several PSI references and at least one of them  is not resolving properly  then error is displayed ( DpmHighlightHelperImpl.checkResolveProblems() @ 109 )
   - poly reference  has an error if and only there are no answers at all.

Now my question is differrent:
   how do I display error if none of the references has valid reference ( say, there is a lot of candidate references and one and only one of them shall be valid.  )


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