[ANN] Vim Plugin 0.10.3 (IDEA 5.0.x and 4.5.x)

This release contains a fix for a major usability issue with IDEA when the IdeaVIM plugin is installed. Prior to this release the Escape, Tab, and Enter keys didn't work as expected within most dialog boxes. This has been resolved.

Keep in mind though that many entry fields in IDEA dialog boxes are actually mini editors and you must use VIM keystrokes to make changes (this has been the case for quite some time). If you are in insert/replace mode in one of these fields then Escape, Tab, and Enter do their normal VIM function. You must be in command mode for Escape to cancel the dialog, Tab to move between fields, and Enter to perform its normal behavior.

In addition to this fix there was another minor fix. The VIM commands g0, g$, g^, g, and g]]> now work as they should - moving within the bounds of the screen.

I know some of you have had issues with the change in the way keymapping is handled since version 0.10.1. I'm starting on a change for 0.10.4 that will allow a user to specify whether IDEA or VIM should win wherever there is a key mapping conflict.


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