[ANN] Vim Plugin 0.10.1 (IDEA 5.0.1 and 4.5.x)

I've released a new version of the VIM plugin. This version is available for IDEA 5.0.1 and IDEA 4.5.x.

Below is the list of changes. For those of you upgrading from an earlier version of the plugin, you must uninstall the custom Vim keymap. I have eliminated the need for it - yeah. The instructions are listed below and in the README.

Changes in 0.10.1:

New Features
- Eliminated the need for a custom keymap. Enabling/Disabling the plugin via the tools menu (or Ctrl-Alt-V) properly configures the required key settings.
- Integrate IDEA's "Clear Read-Only Status" dialog when trying to perform a modification on a read-only file. (5.0.1 only)

Bug Fixes
- Fixed exiting of visual mode when executing commands such as Comment, Reformat, Surround With, and Auto-Indent.
- Pressing Escape while in command mode will now clear highlights created with IDEA with commands such as "Highlight Usages in File".
- Ctrl-D, Ctrl-U, zh, zLeft, zl, and zRight now work on read-only files.
- Fixed register names displayed with the :register command.

Upgrade Instructions:

The custom keymap isn't needed anymore and should be removed. The following steps should be completed to perform the upgrade:

1) Download the latest plugin via IDEA's plugin manager.
2) Optionally restart IDEA.
3) Select File|Settings.
4) Select Keymap.
5) Select the Default keymap (or other desired default keymap other than Vim).
6) Press the Set Active button.
7) Select the Vim keymap.
8) Press the Delete button.
9) Press the Yes button.
10) Press the OK button.
11) Restart IDEA.

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I just discovered that you need to make sure you have Smooth scrolling turned off or you will have some strange problems.

Goto File|Settings. Click on Editor. Select the Appearance tab. Make sure Smooth scrolling is not checked.



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