[ANN] Vim Plugin 0.8.4 (For IDEA 4.5.x)

Bug Fixes
- You can now insert a real tab using . - now properly works as a character argument to commands such as f and t. - Fixed Ctrl-E and Ctrl-Y when caret was at top/bottom of screen. - Fixed various scrolling and caret movement so caret can appear on first or last line of editor. - Fixed playing back macros if preceded by a count greater than 1. - Updated installation notes for Mac - Fixed :quit command. Now all forms of the command are recognized. New Features - Added support for scrolljump option. - Added support for scrolloff option. - Added support for sidescroll option. - Added support for sidescrolloff option. - Caret now stays in view when scrolling using the mouse wheel or scrollbars. - Added support for the column scrolling commands zh, zl, ze, zs, z, and z]]>.

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